Houston, We Have a Problem – SandyHook Victim’s Father Heckled

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Neil Heslin


Houston, we have a serious problem. I was reading several articles that have come out on the SandyHook shooting massacre that happened in Connecticut last month. Most recently, and article appeared talking about how one of the shooting victim’s Fathers went to give testimony on gun control and gun violence. During his testimony, he was HECKLED by gun-rights advocates.

Like, I am seriously AGOG that someone would do this. A man’s child was murdered not even a month ago and he, understandably, would like some changes to be made so that someone else doesn’t lose their child in the same manner. I would hope that any thinking person would understand that it is REASONABLE for a person who has lost their child to not want it to happen again.

The man’s name is Neil Heslin, and his child’s name was Jesse Heslin. So, there he is giving testimony over a photo of his child and a group of gun-rights advocates started yelling and heckling.

Folks, if we are a nation of people who yells insults and jeers at a man who has child has been murdered, we really ARE totally fucking screwed and our humanity is gone.



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Connecticut School Shooting Leaves 20 Children Dead…And Takes My Heart With It

On Friday, December 15th, Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 4 adults in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

I have read multiple news stories over the last few days describing the mass shooting in detail and even going so far as to air the interviews with the children that were done immediately after the shooting. In my opinion, it is highly inappropriate to interview children and especially disgusting to interview children who have walked out of a school less than three hours after watching their classmates and teacher be gunned down. Talk about bad decision-making on the part of the news anchors and parents who allowed the interviews.

My heart bursts for these children and their parents, to the surviving children, and for the entire school and town of Sandy Hook. I keep thinking to myself, what kind of fucked up world do we live in?

Hence, wearetotallyscrewed.com is reborn.

I had this blog about 5 years ago and retired it for a while. Time to open it back up and spew my politics out into cyberspace. Lucky you.



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